It is all in numbers!

Imagine Mathematics without numbers! How it is possible, right? It is like living without oxygen. But I have not come across anyone...

Military Breakfast

Four slices of white bread, a double omelette, a cube of butter, and a bowl of corn flakes with milk and some seasonal fruits - that used...

The Hope

It is a humorous narration of an incident that happened in the military forces.

Two Microseconds..

Once soldier, always a soldier. Few habits sticks to you for the lifetime. In military, everything needs to be done at the blink of an eye.

Fauji & Steel Boxes

Defence personnel live a unique lifestyle - far different from those in civil life. Many a times it is tough, but they learn to enjoy it.

White Cannon Balls

Kozhukatta is a famous Malayalee snack. But how is the idea of trying out in a north Indian Officers' Mess for a breakfast.