It May or May Not

It rained heavily yesterday everywhere in Kerala, making the life completely chaotic. Yes, the weathermen would claim that they had...

It is all in numbers!

Imagine Mathematics without numbers! How it is possible, right? It is like living without oxygen. But I have not come across anyone...

An Evening Walk

I did not have my car to return from office that day as I was dropped off by a friend in the morning, and was a bit unplanned on how to...

Military Breakfast

Four slices of white bread, a double omelette, a cube of butter, and a bowl of corn flakes with milk and some seasonal fruits - that used...

The Hope

It is a humorous narration of an incident that happened in the military forces.

On the battlefield

Science was my favorite subject in school and experimenting with technology was always my passion. So, recently when I got an opportunity...

My Super Heroes

We all had some childhood heroes. Mine was the Phantom - the walking Ghost and Mandrake - the Magician.

Two Microseconds..

Once soldier, always a soldier. Few habits sticks to you for the lifetime. In military, everything needs to be done at the blink of an eye.

Fauji & Steel Boxes

Defence personnel live a unique lifestyle - far different from those in civil life. Many a times it is tough, but they learn to enjoy it.

White Cannon Balls

Kozhukatta is a famous Malayalee snack. But how is the idea of trying out in a north Indian Officers' Mess for a breakfast.