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A village is where you get a feel of the heavens – the picturesque green surroundings, the not so big houses that perfectly blend with the terrain, the domestic animals that freely roam around the greens, the numerous variety of birds frolicking on the fruit bearing trees, the streams with purest water flowing through the middle, the vast paddy fields spanning till far distance, all these makes the ambiance completely tranquil. I was really lucky to spent my entire childhood in one such village, and thanks to the freedom my parents had granted, I could explore every nook and corner on my bicycle.  Each of these journeys had its own share of fun – sometimes a fall from the cycle or an injury occurred while climbing an Imli Tree, or playing a prank on a neighbor or getting into a casual fight with a friend or playing football in the paddy fields and if nothing of that sort possible, just simply observe the characters – it could be the mason, carpenter, a farmer, the bullocky, or a beggar on the road. This is same even today, but yes with age I think I have become a little matured and cautious before I get on with my pranks!   I have always been enthusiastic to narrate events happening around me with a mild flavor of humor.  Scribbling these tiny bits and pieces as seen through the kaleidoscopic eyes of a village boy has been something that I always found interesting. With digital and online technologies continuing to disrupt the print industry, it's important to use an easily accessible platform, where I can connect with a wider audience. Here you will find my scribbles, on many interesting events that I was involved in or have witnessed during various facets in my life. I am passionate about adventure, sports, electronics, cooking and gardening - my scribbles here also would be generally focused around them, I invite you to explore and enjoy them.


About Me

I am an engineer with a strong passion in almost every field including sports, electronics, cooking, photography, cycling, running marathons and doing anything that gives a little bit of challenge. I hate idle time, and keeps myself busy doing something interesting both at work and off-work. From my childhood, I have been a keen observer and gradually developed this as a hobby mainly to pass time during long travels - especially the train journeys. This has given me ample opportunity to observe the fellow humans and learn different mannerisms, behavior and attitudes. This habit is strongly instilled in me even today.  This gives me the seeds for all my scribbles.  I like to narrate and scribble down the snippets around weird and funny situations that I have come across during every facet of my life, in the office, in the sports field, at home, on the roads, shopping malls and even from the dreams while I sleep!


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