A Trek in the wild

Updated: May 7

A different feat this time, but intend remained the same.. A trek through a forest trail at the Thattekadu reserve forest. It is the habitat for numerous rare species of birds, reptiles and wild animals. Away from the chaos of the city life that is filled with horrifying traffic, ear shattering high decibel noises and the choking smell of gasoline and burning rubber. birds welcome the visitors by singing their own tunes. As one goes deeper in to the forest, the songs gradually fade out. Pin drop silence. Now you can't even miss the faint noise of a falling leaf. It gets scary at times – when unexpectedly you hear the rustling of some tiny creatures running over the dried leaves or the cracking sound of a dried branch falling down. Guards at the entry gate had cautioned about an elephant herd roaming in that area often - that kept me alert all the time. I expected a few visitors ahead of me, but could not find any after hours of trekking. the fear of getting lost in the forest trails and landing up infront of the elephant herd, forced me to retreat. Realised later that I was all alone in the wild - the only human in a forest area of about 25 Sq km - with an elephant herd hiding somewhere close-by!

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