Algorithm to decode my hand writing

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I don’t know what to call my hand writing – scribble, doodle, graffiti or what else! In fact, I had a decent, very legitimate and probably a bit too cute hand writing till my upper primary days. Then a teacher mocked me once, saying that my hand writing was looking more girlish. Since that day, I did my every bit to make it look boyish. And years of effort, produced the results. By the time I completed my graduation, it all had transformed in to a few oscillating lines, frequently jumping up and down from the center line, closely resembling a cardiogram of someone with a weak heartbeat! But, it did help me to a great extend in all my exams. I passed a number of subjects without knowing much about the subjects – all thanks to my hand writing. I always like writing stories and could write pages after pages without knowing anything close to the right answer. Strategy was to write clearly a few key words - having some connection with the answer - and the remaining in my usual handwriting. The teachers probably found it was easier to give a few marks than attempting to read every word in my long scribbles!

It became even worse, after I joined the forces. During one of the posting, I had to make lengthy procurement proposals. I always preferred writing down the draft on paper as it gave an organised thought of the entire proposal that eventually helped a clear story built up. Then, a clerk used to key in the draft into the computer. Initially, he used to come to me frequently to clarify what I had written. On most of the occasions, even I was not able to read it properly – but would suggest a word that fitted somehow in the sentence. He mastered the algorithm so quickly and often I used to take his help to decode a few of my own scribbles! Thankfully, none of my teachers took that effort of learning the algorithm, else I wonder what my fate would have been!

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