An Evening Walk

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I did not have my car to return from office that day as I was dropped off by a friend in the morning, and was a bit unplanned on how to travel back the 10 kms to home. There were a few of my colleagues going in that direction, but strangely, I preferred not to request for a lift! Uber, Auto and even a bus though rare were few other options. As usual, there was no plan till the last minute. Being a bit weird, my mind came up with a wild idea and body too glad to get into action. So there I was ready for the feat - an evening walk to home! The intermittent rains during the day made the evening ideal for a walk but the mad evening traffic posed a bit of concern. I would have preferred to run, but being in a kind of semi-formals and with a laptop bag on the shoulders, I preferred not to. Else, some passersby would have definitely dialed for the services of 102! I started off slowly, careful to avoid the familiar faces. Yet, a colleague spotted me at the first turn from office and gladly offered a lift. I just told some excuse and continued my brisk walk. Vehicles used to overtake me often, just holding on at the next junction for me to overtake them, while they waited patiently for the evening traffic to clear. Though, I had traveled the same route a hundred times before, it looked different during the walk – giving a new perspective to the trees, buildings, shops and even the people around. I walked quite oblivious to the traffic and the ear shattering honking, eyes engulfed in the new perspective and mind of course lost in some thoughts. I was hoping to get a good look of few swans in the lake near a bridge, that used to appear just like a time lapsed video during my fast and furious drive through that stretch. unlucky I was, probably they all decided to take an early retreat that day. While passing a stretch full of Gulmohar trees, ears glued to the chirping and chatting of the birds while they prepared their beds in hurry. And I reached home completely rejuvenated in about an hour and a half, enjoying every moment of my walk.

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