My Dislike for the Number 13

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I am not superstitious, but I should admit that I have a strong disliking for the number 13. Frankly, I do not know the reason. May be the portrayal of that number as a bad omen in the horror novels that I read during my childhood, has etched that feeling so thickly in my mind. I somehow try to avoid dealing with that number. As a sports freak, I have been doing long endurance runs quite often. I always ensure not to stop the run at 13. Finish it either before or if it crosses 13, push a little further to the 14th kilometre mark - even if I am totally exhausted.

But I found the 13 chasing me often, on every walk in my life. My first bike had a Delhi registration number with the figures adding up to 13. I had a serious accident in Delhi, but miraculously escaped without any injuries – thanks to the almighty for protecting me from the impact in the form of the sturdy bike and the crash helmet. Then, I purchased a car at Ahmedabad – they gave me a few options of registration numbers, the figures of which all were adding up to 13. I requested for any number other than those ones – they obliged too, but the new number they gave also was another one adding up to 13! I had a head on collision with a truck the very next day – again I survived without even a scratch – but the car was written off.

Two of the official residences I was allotted while in the forces, too had the door numbers 13. My personal number in IAF itself ended with a 13, which I do not have a choice but to carry to the grave. My latest car also has a registration number that ends with the number 13. When I bought a flat, I had really liked the apartment on the 13th floor, but my hate for that number made me choose one on the 11th floor. When I got the door number, there was another 13 in that too. 5th tower, 11th floor, 3rd house that made the door number 5113. The more I tried running away from this number, the stronger it chased me. And now since the number is not going to leave me, I think I should embrace it with my heart and soul! After all, my favorite number is also 238 (frankly don’t know why?) – that too adds up to 13. When I look back to both my accidents–surely the cause was my damn over confidence or casualness and probably the 13 was my savior in disguise!

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