Yamaha RX 100

Updated: May 7

No bike has enthralled me like the mighty YAMAHA RX-100. I was lucky to own one, a wine red coloured YAMAHA RX 100 - my first love, which remained married to me for almost two decades. It travelled with me through the entire length and breadth of the country, tolerating the diverse climatic conditions like the red hot deserts of Rajasthan, the sub zero temperatures in the Kashmir Valley, the torrential rains of Mumbai, the snail paced traffic of Delhi and even the not so cool climate at my state capital besides many others. The only time I bunked our rigorous training was to take delivery of my dream bike. It even saved my life once, taking the heavy impact of a rear collision from a speeding truck- injuring itself mildly, but ensured I stayed out of trouble. Always loyal to me, ensuring that I didn’t get struck anywhere. But she was not so sober with anyone who borrowed – making them push almost the entire part of their ride, ensuring they never dare to borrow again. Due to the poor service support at the remote locations, it suffered and I had to divorce my YAMAHA at Bangalore - knowing very well that I was not going to own another one, as the company had stopped it's production in India. I miss her so much now, and eagerly waiting for other bike makers to come up with one that match somewhere close to the classy real bike – the YAMAHA RX 100, to fall in love once again.

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